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Through a deep, thoroughly documented and perceptive analysis of the symbolical patterns, sexual symbolism and transgressive implications of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales Adriana Trozzi has peeled away the underlying layers of meaning in the works of one of the most gifted and highly acclaimed short story writers in the Canadian literary scene today, Audrey Thomas. Adriana Trozzi's original feminist reading of Audrey Thomas' Ten Green Bottles, Munchmeyer and Prospero on the Island, Ladies & Escorts, Real Mothers, and Goodbye Harold, Good Luck transcends the schematic rigidity that has characterized a lot of feminist criticism in the 1970s and 1980s and successfully draws out the personal achievements of Audrey Thomas' short stories. The subversive use that Thomas makes of the symbolism, motifs and allusion in the Grimms' fairy tales is highly instrumental in the sexual and psychological development of her female characters engaged in a personal quest of self discovery and self fulfillment.

Adriana Trozzi teaches English Language and Canadian Literature at Messing University. She has written extensively on women's writing in Canada, and among her publications figure works on Audrey Thomas's short stories and «Demetra's Daughters in Canadian literature», which analyses the complexities and conflicts in the mother?daughter relationship and its role in the development of women's identities. Adriana Trozzi has also spent a year in Canada collecting bibliographic material and research documents for the current volume. Among her other publications figure Repertorio Bibliografico degli Studi Canadesi in Italia, 1987 and Canadiana: Studio Bibliografico, extremely valuable material for students in Italy who are researchi
g on Canadian Studies.